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Project Description

There are many home appliances that could benefit from the use of a light control system such as televisions, projectors, audio equipment and other appliances. Having a light control system can assist you to work other appliances to be the optimum ability, ensuring the lighting is suitable for the activity your engaged in.


Installing a lighting control system sets a unique tone in your home, giving a sense of atmosphere customised to your taste and setting. Lighting can make a room look brighter and presentable. Such innovation is made available through the wide range of the lighting control products. You are also given the choice to choose a theme colour of your choice to light up a particular room, choosing the colour, intensity and shade for a perfect lighting setting. There is also the option to configure the light to be timed on or off.

Operating the products

With the help of integrated motion sensors, these products can be operated even when you are not home. You may choose to dim the lights or completely turn off the light when a room is not currently occupied. For those with an I pad, there is the freedom to remotely adjust your home lighting system via an app. Just with a touch of a button, you are able to deactivate or activate the lights, inside a room, a floor or even the exterior to ensure security.