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Established in 1985, HDL is a global company that manufactures customised building automation products, and professional stage lighting equipment. Having a truly worldwide presence, HDL offices can be found in over 80 countries.

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We guarantee our products, and treat each of our clients as an equal partner. In this manner we are able to listen and work with our clients, enabling them to achieve their objectives.

This commitment extends not only to you our customer, but also to architects, designers, distribution partners, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which we live and work. We are ready to assist you with our:

  • Customised solutions
  • Extensive product range
  • Years of expertise
  • Uncompromising standards


The HDL system is a must-have for any modern residential property. Our technology is designed to be conveniently hidden from view, while the control panels come in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes to fit any contemporary decor. The technology is designed to be completely unobtrusive, while complimenting the design and providing homeowners with convenience, security, and energy efficiency. All of your systems can be controlled from elegant panels, or Android and iOS devices. This control can take place not only in the home, but from anywhere in the world. We boast a large number of control modules allowing the ultimate flexibility in design, and can tailor our smart home solutions to your exact requirements.

HDL Smart Home Canada

Project Spec :
- Home Theater
- Lighting
- Audio System
Address : 59 Highland Park Ave, Toronto Ontario

Automated curtains and blinds offer a user the ultimate in convenience. They allow a user to automatically open their curtains at sunrise, and close the blinds when the room illumination level reaches a preset level. The HDL curtains and blind motors can also be operated via a DLP, an Android/iOS device, or even the old-fashioned manual way! The curtains and Read More...

Ensuring a comfortable temperature in a busy home can be challenging, with our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning solutions you can save energy, while keeping everyone in the family happy.Read More...

Lighting is an important feature in any home. It provides the illumination for everyday activities, as well as creating atmospheres through dimming, or colour changes. Modern low-energy lighting can look fantastic, creating any colour temperature you desire. In comparison to traditional lightbulbs, low-energy lighting can bring up to a 90% reduction in energy consumption. Our systems allow lights to be Read More...

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